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    Jeff Toycen

    Belt VS wheel This is a loaded topic To Begin:
    For sharpeners: If you run wheels you have to dial in the exact angles on every different knife and you have wheel shape to take into account If you run belts it with a rigid platen you have the same (pick up the angle problem) if on the other hand you use a flat belt area this is an area where the belt is suspended it’s easier to blend the shape (you can get started faster) We recommend our soft-footed platen this platen has 1/8 of silicon foam with a fiberglass Teflon layer we think this is the best of all worlds But we are going to build the new EDGE with Both Belt and water bath wheels Becaus we think our man Pat is  onto something read:   can now sharpen any quality knife as sharp and as well as any wet stone or belt regardless of there experience; and I’m in the early stages. The learning curve is small and the results are quality very early on.
    New technology is creeping in and old tech. will slowly move out (belts).
    Apparently belts remove much more material then slow wet driven wheels when sharpening . Don’t know for sure, but I’ve  read this on more then one occasion.
    I get little to no mess at all from wet grinding. I’ve re-profiled and fixed broken tips on knives using your belt attachment. Worked great ; but I was left with very fine dust everywhere.
    Realistic precision is the name of the game and I think the wheels offer the better option here.
    ps. The biggest pain in the ass and time consuming issue I have is setting up the parameters for each individual knife.

    A stepper motor mounted on the USB bar to control precise height adjustment would be a game changer.

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