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    Jeff Toycen

    Tradesman Grinders are uniquely designed to mount Plated bond CBN wheels  Inside every Tradesman there is a motor that was cheery picked from a batch of motors specifically for shaft straightness.  A 130 Volt DC motor specifically built for our machines.
    Inside the Tradesman, a Pulse Width Modulated board converts the AC to DC and filters the noise out of AC current producing clean DC power.
    Plated bond wheels are produced to a very tight tolerance because the shape cannot be adjusted once they are mounted. Shaft error and speed control are essential for long wheel life and good finish performance.

    Motors are selected and qualified based on shaft straightness for each model of machine this along with our unique electronics combined with a great deal of engineering care and workmanship makes our Tradesman the quietest most unique grinder on the planet and a joy to use.

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